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In memory of basketball stars

2022-06-23 15:02Basketball all star
Summary: A man in Changchun has painted Kobe Bryant's head for tens of thousands of times. These works represent how he cherishes his memoryIt took him about a week to create. The shadow part was overlapped
A man in Changchun has painted Kobe Bryant's head for tens of thousands of times. These works represent how he cherishes his memory
It took him about a week to create. The shadow part was overlapped with basketball for many times. He felt that Kobe Bryant had devoted his life to basketball. He was a legend, which inspired countless people to move forward bravely. He also wanted to draw Kobe Bryant's head in his own way to commemorate and cherish Kobe BryantPay tribute to Kobe Bryant forever. Who are the stars to send messages for him
In addition, many Chinese and foreign fans also mourned Kobe on this day. For many Chinese post-90s, Kobe is also a basketball superstar in their youth. First of all, there is no need to say more about Kobe's achievements. He once represented an entire era in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic GamesOne year after Kobe's death, NBA stars are remembering him. Which star's behavior makes you cry
I believe all friends who like basketIn memory of basketball starsball will pay attention to the NBA. There are many excellent superstars in the NBA, and the most regrettable thing for us is Kobe, because Kobe has a high status in our hearts, but unfortunately died last year. Our hearts as fans are very uncomfortableLi Yifeng mourns Kobe Bryant. Why can he become the memory of many people
In the face of the league, the 29 team scored an astonishing 40+, the Mavericks scored 62 points in three quarters, the Raptors scored 81 points, averaged 35.4 points in a single season, and won ten victories. It can still maintain scoring stability and endurance in front of strong enemies. It is a unique skill that ordinary people can't do... The famous Laker Elgin Baylor has passed away. Which active stars have sent messages to mourn
Of course, as the God of flying man, he has brought a new era to the alliance. Who is famous for flying man in the alliance. Now let's get to know. The first is the flying Jordan. When it comes to the flying Jordan, I believe everyone knows very well, whether it's a person who knows basketball or a person who doesn't know basketballO'Neal's memory of Kobe makes people cry. The old man left Kobe C. how important Kobe is in their hearts
This is a very sad moment for everyone. O'Neal also remembers Kobe Bryant in the all star game. He believes that Kobe Bryant is a good brother of his life. Kobe and himself have achieved each other. Kobe Bryant is very important in people's hearts. For every player and fan who likes basketballWhich NBA players commemorated the 15th birthday of Kobe's second daughter Gigi
Kobe's second daughter is the only one of all his daughters who loves and has been learning to play basketball. When Kobe was still playing in the NBA, she has been learning from her father and realized his love for basketball. After his retirement, Kobe Bryant is also wholeheartedly training his daughterNBA stars send messages to remember Kobe Bryant. Why does Kobe Bryant never fall down in the basketball industry
Even at this time, many people are remembering his departure and think that his departure is a great blow to the basketball industry. Because basketball lost such a great master, it also made the whole world of basketball more gray, without the vigorous dynamics beforeOn the first anniversary of Kobe's death, how did everyone commemorate him
Actor Li Yifeng wrote a microblog to remember his idol Kobe Bryant, “ You never really leave, you are always in my heart;. Serie A giants AC Milan sent a message to mourn the legend: “ One year after losing you, your memory fills the gap in our hearts, ciao Mamba& ldquo; The star's yearning for Kobe Bryant is directOn the first anniversary of Kobe Bryant's death, who are the famous figures mourning for him
After all, Kobe Bryant was a very good life coach and basketball coach for Owen. In fact, many stars at home and abroad or elites from all walks of life have expressed their memories and respect for Kobe Bryant on their own social media. Although Kobe Bryant has left us, he never seems to have left
In memory of basketball stars

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