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Basketball star bouncing spotweber

2022-06-23 16:03Basketball all star
Summary: Who has the best bounce in NBASpotweber's original bounce is about 1.3 meters, and his run-up bounce is about 1.5 meters. Spotweber, nicknamed "potato" because of his height of only 1.69 mete
Who has the best bounce in NBA
Spotweber's original bounce is about 1.3 meters, and his run-up bounce is about 1.5 meters. Spotweber, nicknamed "potato" because of his height of only 1.69 meters, unexpectedly won the title of "dunk King King" from Wilkins, the "esBasketball star bouncing  spotwebersence of human film" in the 1986 "dunk contest"Who do you think is the best basketball star in China
Yi Jianlian's bouncing power is the best. As we all knBasketball star bouncing  spotweberow, today's Chinese men's basketball team looks bright on the surface, but in fact it has some “ There is no answer ”, The older generation of players have gradually disappeared, and the new generation of players arBasketball star bouncing  spotwebere highly expected by us, but it is difficult to make a brilliant performance. Looking back on the history of men's basketballAmong basketball players, which players have better jumping ability
Michael Jordan, the God of basketball, is called a flying man, which shows how outstanding his jumping ability is. His ability to stay in the air and physical control help him constantly beat his opponents on the court, which is Jordan's favorite thing to do on the court. Jordan can take off from the free throw line to complete the dunk. He can even dunk on an alien planetWho are the five most bouncing stars in NBA history
At the Sydney Olympic Games, the ball that was buckled by a big center of more than two meters made the world appreciate Carter's jump against the sky. Today, Carter, who is over forty, can still easily complete the slam dunk. Top Jordan, the God of basketball, naturally has little jumping abilityWhat are the super bouncing stars in the NBA
When it comes to the most important talent of NBA players, it is undoubtedly bouncing. Almost all the top stars in the history of the league have excellent bouncing ability. No matter Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Carter, they all have far more bouncing than ordinary people, even Duncan, who is famous for his floor flowWho is the best bouncing star in the league
When it comes to the players with amazing Bounce Ability in the NBA, people immediately think of Jordan, Durant, James, and so on. And these stars with their super physical quality have amazing performance on the field, which also makes many fans still rememberWhat are the NBA stars who bounce well but seldom make fly buckles
Fans who watch the ball late may really think Duncan's physical fitness is very average. Curry has been ridiculed by the fans as Jinzhou Laven. Everyone really thinks that curry can't dunk the basket, which is a big mistake. Curry can not only dunk but also dunk very easilyWho are the best jumpers in NBA history
Today, Guo Renjun will lead you to check the four legendary basketball stars outside the NBA. "Goat" manicolt's friends who know American street ball must not be unfamiliar with the name "goat". He was a legendary figure who dominated American street ball in the 1970s. He was only 1.88 meters tallHow strong is the jumping ability of NBA stars
Carter's bouncing ability is evident. Michael Jordan's 109 cm famous flying man Jordan had such valuable achievements. In addition to his good basketball talent, his strict requirements on physical quality also made him go to another level. The classic free throw line take-off dunk not only shocked the five judges at that time, but also shocked the five judgesWhich NBA stars have excellent jumping ability
Carter can complete such a dunk. Later, Carter's goal was also known as “ Century buckle ”. However, the center who reached 2.18 meters in height was Basketball star bouncing  spotwebermiserable. After being hit by such a ball, his self-confidence was completely destroyed and he never participated in a basketball game again
Basketball star bouncing spotweber

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