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NBA2K9 basketball shooting also on the shooting button

2022-06-30 09:02Basketball star game
Summary: Which expert knows about the downward pull rod shooting in the option key position setting in NBA2K9, and there areRight joystick: many people think it is not very useful, but if you want to play "
Which expert knows about the downward pull rod shooting in the option key position setting in NBA2K9, and there are
Right joystick: many pNBA2K9 basketball shooting  also on the shooting buttoneople think it is not very useful, but if you want to play "Jing" 2k9, the right joystick must be touched. Such as drift shooting. The three part line can be divided into three parts: the arc line and the straight line on both sidesHow does NBA2K9 dunk
First, close to the basket. How to deduct at the 3-point line Press and hold acceleration and shooting without direction keys Direction the direction in which your holder facNBA2K9 basketball shooting  also on the shooting buttones the basket Acceleration and shooting should not be pressed at the same time. The shooting is pressed when taking off and dunkingNBA2K9 which key to press is shooting
Attack: pageup: call pause pagedown: stop the game spacebar: pass left shift: inside line back to the basket keypad: 0: change direction dribble del: pull the ball and turn enter: speed up run 5: throw / up / dunk 2468: shooting in all directions defense: pageup: intentional foulHow to use the azimuth key and shooting key to make up the deduction in NBA2K9
The method is to accelerate the press and hold, and then press the backboard (I usually press two backboard keys, the first one grabs the second one). Of course, the timing of supplementary deduction is very critical. In my opinion, the one with the highest success rate is. When it is predicted that our players will shoot, they will be stuck near the arc line under the basket and must face the basketThere are three shooting methodsNBA2K9 basketball shooting  also on the shooting button in NBA2K9
Shooting is an ordinary shooting. The shooting button is the layup. The pull rod shooting is almost the same as shooting, but the pressing time is shorter than shooting. My experience is to shoot with a three-point rod. The shooting button is actually not easy to use. It takes too long to press, but it can be used in the middle distance. The layup is on the shooting button, but not when it is too far away from the basketNBA2K9 how to do inside hook shooting
Basic attack button operation: (during operation, you can press any of the up, down, left and right buttons of the rocker collectively referred to as the rocker key) ordinary layup: when it is close to the basket within the free throw line, it can be made by pressing the shooting button or rocker key without pressing the acceleration button. Three step layup: press the accelerator key to break through, and release the accelerator key when rushing near the free throw lineNba2k9~ shooting problems
This problem is mainly about the setting of the slider. Turn down the three-point ball and the three-point shooting tendency in the CPU tendency. Turn down the middle shot and turn up the middle shot. Recently, I am also studying other people's settings and modifying them myself. Some places are unbalanced. I can only change them in this way. This is certainly not your own levelDifferNBA2K9 basketball shooting  also on the shooting buttonence between shooting keys of NBA2K9
There is a little difference! First: when you quickly press the shooting button for fake action! They have different effects, which are deceptive actions in four directions: up, down, left and right! For example, 8 is to raise the ball and shrug it up! 462 are different directions! The second is the pattern in the air! It's really hard to playShooting usage of NBA2K9
Can't you vote a little longer? If you need more details, I can continue to provide low back play: ★ turn - cut - basket pick (the simplest operation): when the inside line holds the ball or dribbles the back play, press and hold the back play key LT (L1) + the left rocker points to the direction of the basket frame + double click and press and hold the shooting key B3 (□)
Why can't NBA2K9 shoot in? Do you have any skills
When you press the shooting button, press it quickly. Don't press it. It can adjust the 3-point shooting rate. It's 99% super cool
NBA2K9 basketball shooting also on the shooting button

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