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Basketball 3 Sports terminology

2022-07-04 00:05Basketball star game
Summary: What are the positions of positions 1, 2, 3 and 4 in basketballThe number is the point guard number, the shooting guard number, the small forward number, the power forward number, and the center numbe
What are the positions of positions 1, 2, 3 and 4 in basketball
The number is the point guard number, the shooting guard number, the small forward number, the power forward number, and the center number. In sports terms, it is the number of a certain area on the field. For example, there are five positions in basketball, so tBasketball 3  Sports terminologyhe five positions are divided into five numbersWhat is the standard size of the basketball ball
No. 7 basketball is the standard adult men's game ball. The No. 7 standard basketball weighs about 600 to 650 grams, has a circumference of 75 to 78 cm, and a standard basketball diameter of 24.6 cm. No. 7 basketball is generally the No. 7 ball used in the standard men's basketball game, with a circumference of 0.749-0.780 metersWhat are the diameters of "No. 3 ball", "No. 5 ball" and "standard ball" in basketball
The standard men's game ball is No. 7 ball. Weight 600-650g, circumference 7Basketball 3  Sports terminology5-76cm; The standard women's game ball is No. 6 ball. Weight 510-550g, circumference 70-71cm; Youth game ball No. 5 ball. Weight 470-500g, circumference 69-71cm; Children's game ball No. 3 ballWhat is the number of NBA basketball
The No. 7 ball of Spalding basketball is based on the standard of Spalding basketball used in NBA games. The basketball models include No. 7 ball, No. 6 ball, No. 5 ball and No. 3 ball respectively. The standard of men's game ball is No. 7 ball; The standard of women's game ball is No. 6 ball; The standard of ball for teenagers is No. 5 ball; The standard ball for children's games is No. 3 ballWhere can I see the basketball number
Among them, the number of adding mantissa w belongs to women's basketball (No. 6 basketball), for example: 61-942w, 62-217w. Adding mantissa s is heijinggou trimmed basketball, such as 62-200s and 62-205s (trimmed basketball has been discontinueBasketball 3  Sports terminologyd at the end of 2004). 66-xxx belongs to No. 3 small basketball and is sold to childrenHow many sizes does basketball have
There are four sizes of basketball: Standard men's game ball: weight 600-650g, circumference 75-76cmWhat's the number of children's basketball
The court is divided into the center line, the front court and the back court. The radius of the center circle on the center line and the two semicircles on the free throw line of the front and back court free throw areas are both 1.80 meters. The rectangle below the hoop is the restricted area, which is usually called the restricted area. The area outside the arch curve in the front and back court is called the 3-point shooting area, and the shooting outside the arch curve scores 3 pointsHow do you know the number of basketball
Four specifications of basketball: (the great circumference of the ball) No. 7 basketball, weighing 600-650g, with a circumference of 75-76cm, is a standard ball for men's games. No. 6 basketball, weight 510-550g, perimeter 70-71cm, standard women's game ball. No. 5 basketball, weight 470-500g, perimeter 69-71cmWhat size ball is a standard basketball
In children's games, No. 3 ball is standard basketball. No. 3 basketball weighs 300-340g and has a global circumference of 56-57cm. It is a special basketball for children to participate in the game. Basketball is a ball game played by two teams on a rectangular basketball court. Five players from each team can pass, throw and beat the ball in Basketball 3  Sports terminologyany directionThere are several kinds of basketball. What are they? What is the difference
This is basketball No.7; Standard women's game ball: weight 510-550g, circumference 70-71cm, this is #6 basketball; Youth game ball: weight 470-500g, circumference 69-71cm, this is #5 basketball; Children's game ball: weight 300-340g, circumference 56-57cm, this is #3 basketball
Basketball 3 Sports terminology

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