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2022-06-24 06:27Basketball star game
Summary: What is the real name of NBA big beardHardendengo is undoubtedly the most prominent bearded player in the NBA in recent seasons. Many fans who usually don't pay much attention to the NBA will defin
What is the real name of NBA big beard
Hardendengo is undoubtedly the most prominent bearded player in the NBA in recent seasons. Many fans who usually don't pay much attention to the NBA will definitely be impressed by the bearded player after watching a rocket game. Xiaobian is not very clear about the reason why harden grows a beardHow did the bearded general "harden" go from the best sixth man to the absolute core of the team
The bearded general who is still working hard and struggling on the road to the Championship: jamesharden was born in a slum called Compton in Los Angeles, USA on August 26th, 1989. Shooting and drugs are like a part of daily life in that place. Many people are imprisoned for these things and leave their hometown. His father is a navy, but after retirementWhy do NBA stars like to grow ugly beards
In the NBA, there are many stars with beards, of which James and harden are the most famous. Why do they have such a big beard? First of all, let's talk about James. At the early stage of his career, James didn't grow a beard, but as he gBasketball star mustacherew older, James began to grow a beardWhy do NBA stars like to grow beards
Analysis of the reasons for growing a beard many stars grow a beard first because of their physical needs. Growing a beard is not only a symbol of a man's maturity and transformation, but also the longer the beard, the denser it becomes, giving people a sense of ferocity and strength. Psychologically, the fierce basketball confrontation can intimidate the opponent outwardlyThe shaved NBA star looks amazing. Why do you grow a beard
In Michael In Jordan's time, it seemed that everything was simple, with a bald head, no beard, and no too many decorations. Everything looked clean and tidy. But since entering the new century, everything seems to be changing. Besides the hairstyle, growing a beard has become the standard for many NBA starsWho are the NBA stars called beards
James Arden, born on August 26th, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, USA, is an American professional basketBasketball star mustacheball player, a professional point guard, and plays for the Houston Rockets in the NBAWhy do many players like to grow beards in the NBA
There are many people with beards in foreign countries. Maybe this is the case with foreigners' genes. They are born with more body hair, andBasketball star mustache the growth genes of natural hair are more developed, but if they have a beardWhich American Professional Basketball League stars have a great contrast in appearance after shaving
I think Adams might have to have a beard. It is effective to improve the lethality of the football field! Harden's beard is more expensive. Harden's beard is really beautiful and has superstar temperament! But that kind of beard is really difficult to clean. I think it undoubtedly gives them a lot of confusion in their daily lifeWhy are big beards popular among stars like James
When it comes to the beard of NBA stars, the most famous one is jamesharden's beard. He has grown a beard since high school. But thenIn addition to the NBA's No. 1 bearded harden, what other bearded stars do you have
Byron Davis. The first bearded player in my personal impression of watching the game. His style of playing is elegant. It's very comfortable to watch him play. He was a member of the black eight miracle of the warriors in those years. Little Jordan. I don't remember when he joined the ranks. Anyway, he has grown a beard now. James. The hair is getting shorter and shorter, bBasketball star mustacheut
Basketball star mustache

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