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Stars watch Chinese basketball games except Yi Jianlian

2022-06-26 12:03NBA basketball star
Summary: Why was Ouyang Nana ridiculed by the Taiwan media when she was the platform for the Chinese men's basketball competitionRecently, with the expectation of the fans, the Chinese men's basketball t
Why was Ouyang Nana ridiculed by the Taiwan media when she was the platform for the Chinese men's basketball competition
Recently, with the expectation of the fans, the Chinese men's basketball team finally started the game in an all-round way. In addition to Yi Jianlian, Zhou Qi and other stars, the competition scene may be quite lively, and many people came to the scene. Among the stars, the most famous one is Li Yifeng. The basketball events he has participated in in these two years have made him and Aaron Guo have a deep friendship. RecentWhat is the name of a variety show in which stars play basketball
The variety show that stars play basketball is called super Penguin League. Launched by Tencent, the program gathers all kinds of basketball loving stars to participate in the basketball 3-on-3 game. From 2016 to 2019, super Penguin League has been broadcasting. With the program becoming mStars watch Chinese basketball games  except Yi Jianlianore and more mature, the competition system is constantly improving, which can be said to be wonderfulZhu Yilong and Li Yifeng watched the men's basketball match in the same frame. They also wore shorts with different looks. What's the difference in style
Every time the same frame between stars will attract a lot oStars watch Chinese basketball games  except Yi Jianlianf people's attention, because everyone can't help but want to enjoy it after seeing their same frame. How does it feel when two handsome people are together? Prior to this, after the pictures of Zhu Yilong and Li Yifeng watching the men's basketball game in the same frame were exposed, they were releasedOuyang Nana watched the men's Basketball World Cup on the spot to cheer for the Chinese team, and the female stars watched sports in a "hollow setting"
Of course not. She just wants to watch basketball games. Most girls like to watch boys play basketball. The men's basketball world cup is a big basketball game that many girls dream of. If it were me, I would also like to watch it. Nana happened to be in Beijing when she had timeWhich stars often go to the NBA and who goes the most often
The second one who likes the Warriors is Chen Yihan. Chen Yihan is also an actress in Taiwan, China. She once played a role in the TV series struggle. Later, she participated in some other movie roles, such as ruffian heroes. She has a certain popularity in the film and television industryTop ten stars of Chinese men's basketball team: who is the person who influences Chinese basketball
The first is Yao Ming, of course. CBA champion, six NBA all stars, all star ticket king, the first Chinese star in Naismith Basketball Hall of fame, chairman of Asian Basketball Association, chairman of China Basketball Association. Yao Ming's achievements in Chinese basketball are unmatched by others! Yi Jianlian, second. At present, only yaomingcan surpasses Yi JianlianWhat are the basketball stars in China
Yi Jianlian, a famous Chinese basketball player and former NBA star, has been playing for CBA Guangdong Hongyuan team since the age of 15. He is the youngest MVP in the history of CBA. In various basketball matches, with excellent performance and superb skills, it has won the fans' love. Wang Zhizhi, Wang Zhizhi, Yao Ming and mengke BartelWhat are the Chinese basketball stars
No.8 liuyudong, the God of war, may have a bleak pStars watch Chinese basketball games  except Yi Jianlianerformance in the international arena, but he is still one of the top basketball players in China. He was the best player in CBA for ten years and the top scorer in CBA history. It is also the only single season in the history of CBA to win the "most valuable player in the league"It is said on the Internet that Lu Han stayed up late to play games and watch basketball games during filming in Shanghai fortress. Is he really so unprofessional
In the final analysis, "Shanghai fortress" is a film that wants to make money by traffic stars, but it didn't expect to lose so badly. Some netizens said that "flow earth" opened the door of Chinese sci-fi movies, while "Shanghai fortress" closed the door! It seems that many netizens misunderstand Shanghai fortressChina vs Venezuela, Ouyang Nana watches the game. What are the "real fans" of Ouyang Nana_ Baidu
Stars, like oStars watch Chinese basketball games  except Yi Jianlianrdinary people, have their own favorite stars. Popular female star ouyangnana is also a fan. Her idol is Yi Jianlian. Ouyangnana specially went to watch basketball games and cheered them on. The basketball game has been concerned by the Chinese people. Everyone hopes that the Chinese men's basketball team can achieve a good result, but
Stars watch Chinese basketball games except Yi Jianlian

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