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Star basketball stem also facing black spots

2022-06-23 18:03NBA basketball star
Summary: If one day caixukun also played his basketball, would you powder himIn the face of black spots, caixukun's basketball is the source of the majority of netizens looking for fun. To tell the truth, c
If one day caixukun also played his basketball, would you powder him
In the face of black spots, caixukun's basketball is the source of the majority of netizens looking for fun. To tell the truth, caixukun's black is too much, but the nature is the same. They are also youth idols. One dares to laugh at themselves about black spots, and the other warns with a lawyer's letter. If caixukun plays basketball, he will laugh at himselfIs the rice circle too sensitive to mention that caixukun was scoStar basketball stem  also facing black spotslded for his basketball Terrier
Recently, Cai Xukun's fans exposed Cai Xukun's cartoon on the Internet, which combines Cai Xukun with basketball. Seeing the hard work of the fans, I believe everyone will understand that this is also to maintain their idol image. In fact, for “ Basketball stem ” SayHow come no one mentioned caixukun's "basketball Terrier" now
Caixukun has become a permanent guest of the running man, and his reputation has been rising. Nowadays, few people mention caixukun's “ Basketball stem ” There are two main reasStar basketball stem  also facing black spotsons. Strength is everything. Many stars have black material. As a public figure, it is impossible to be perfect and to be liked by everyoneWhat's caixukun doing in basketball
Caixukun's basketball stemmed from the Tiger flutter forum. Some netizens sent a motion picture, which was a display of his specialty when he participated in the idol trainee. Caixukun combined basketball with dance. Netizens said that there was a little bit of embarrassment. Caixukun felt too soft playingWhat does caixukun mean by basketball stem
Caixukun is also one of the spokesmen for the official Chinese New Year imageStar basketball stem  also facing black spots of the NBA this year, and more netizens question caixukun's basketball playing level. In fact, as an idol artist, caixukun is not a professional basketball player. As a celebrity spokesperson, it is certainly impossible to compare with professional basketball playersWhat do NBA stars need
(I don't like singing, dancing, rap, but I like playing basketball). As a result, caixukun's fStar basketball stem  also facing black spotsans scolded him for his lack of skin and forced him to apologize. 8. Paul -58 Terrier I believe many old fans have heard of Paul's 58 terrier. How did this Terrier appear? It goes back 11 years to the 2009 playoffsWhat is caixukun's handicap in playing basketball
After caixukun became the image ambassador of NBA, a previous basketball dance was found by netizens, which immediately became popular throughout the Internet. And "chicken you are too beautiful" is the homonym of BGM "just because you are too beautiful" in this dance. Caixukun was roast about his basketball dancing posture, and this homonym was also roast. January2018Men's basketball and men's football stars roast conference "spray", what do you understand about these sports stems
Men's basketball and men's football stars' roast conference “ Opposite spray ”, I have basically understood all these sports obstacles. 1. it's not easy to get only 1 point in the world cup life and death battle. It's not easy to get only 1 point in basketball! 2. basketball needs football to save it. I don't want this face. 3 Yang Ming won the CBA championship and failed to win for a secondWhat are the most interesting aspects of basketball
In addition to the outstanding strength and amazing physical quality of NBA players, many players are worth playing funny roles, especially the college genius Shaquille O'Neal. After his retirement, all stars lost their former glory, and these players left many classic and funny stems. The following series will share some of the most famous. Yao MingShould Yang and Su apologize for publicly playing Cai Xukun's basketball terrier in the program
It will cause big trouble. For example, Yang and Su made fun of caixukun. The cause of the incident was a variety show. Yang and Su happened to meet caixukun's good brother, and then opened caixukun's “ Basketball stem ” Joke. At first, Yang and Su wanted to get close. After all, the quickest way to get to know others was to
Star basketball stem also facing black spots

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