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A basketball star I know WuYifan

2022-06-23 01:05Star basketball
Summary: What are the male stars who play basketball better in the entertainment circleI know WuYifan, Luhan and chenjianzhou are good at basketball. Basketball is now one of the most popular sports in China,
What are the male stars who play basketball better in the entertainment circle
I know WuYifan, Luhan and chenjianzhou are good at basketball. Basketball is noA basketball star  I know WuYifanw one of the most popular sports in China, and our attention to the NBA is also very high. Many NBA stars have a huge fan base in China. In the entertainment circle, there are also many male stars who like basketballFans encounter Deng Lun playing basketball. Which stars like playing basketball
In this entertainment circle, there are many stars who like playing basketball, such as baijingting, zhangzhehan, WuYifan, etc. they all particularly like playing basketball. Why is basketball popular with so many people? First of all, this is a team sport, which can stimulate the feelings between a groupWhich stars in the entertainment circle play basketball really well
Deng Lun participated in the Tencent video large-scale basketball competition reality show "I want to play basketball" and served as the team leader in the program. After the video was broadcast, my colleagues and friends around me liked the program very much, especially Deng Lun in the program. They all said that Deng Lun was very handsomePassers by came across caixukun playing basketball. How much does he love playing basketball
It can be seen that caixukun likes playing basketball very much. Although nine percent has been officially dissolved in 2019, caixukun continues his personal acting career, and also served as the representative of the youth producer of the second season of youth with you in March 2020. Once again, it is loved by many netizensAmong the numerous male stars in the entertainment circle, do you know which one likes basketball very much
In the basketball program, Jay Chou also served as the captain to fight against Li Yifeng's team. He also played basketball. Therefore, Jay Chou likes basketball very much. In addition, we can see the scenes of Jay Chou and other stars playing basketball by watching the dynamics of his ins and the short videos of liugenghongLaiguanlin parachuted to the CBA finals. What was his state on the court
And he is also a male star who loves playing basketball very much. It was revealed in the latest network platform that Lai Guanlin paA basketball star  I know WuYifanrachuted to the CBA finals. Many netizens are also looking forward to it. They think that Lai Guanlin will have a wonderful performance on the courtDo you know any stars who especially like basketball
Zhangfengyi, though over 50, is very stable in shooting; Chen Daoming, the three points are very accurate. Because the leader of the industry, the dream boat team respects him very much, but for some reason, he has now quit the dream boat; Deng Chao is also famous. He likes basketball late, but he actively participates in itAmong the stars who love playing basketball in the entertainment circle, Yang Yang is the most handsome. Who else_ Baidu knows
There are many stars in the entertainment circle. They not only have high appearance and good figure, but also play basketball. For example, Yang Yang's actions are the most handsome. There are also some stars who love playing basketball: Jay Chou, XiaoJingTeng, pan Weibo, Wu Zun, Yu wenle, Jiang JinA basketball star  I know WuYifanfu, etcLi Xiansheng plays basketball with Nortel. What other stars love playing basketball
There are gong Jun, Wang Yibo, Bai Jingting, weidaxun and Jay Chou. These stars all like playing basketball very much, especially Bai Jingting, who plays basketball once a day before taking a restWhich stars especially like basketball
In fact, many male stars especially like playing basketball. The male star I know and like is Xu Kai. At first, it was because Yan Xi introduced the play, and then he became Xu Kai's face. I thought Fucha FUHENG A basketball star  I know WuYifanwas really handsome. I watched Xu Kai's face all the way through the play, and then I went to look at his Tiktok
A basketball star I know WuYifan

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