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My favorite basketball star is Yaoming

2022-06-24 05:13Star basketball
Summary: My favorite basketball star Yao MingMy favorite basketball star is yaoming。Hurry! My ideal - basketball star (composition) speed·... I fell in love with basketball since I was about 10 years old. O
My favorite basketball star Yao Ming
My favorite basketball star is yaoming。Hurry! My ideal - basketball star (composition) speed
... I fell in love with basketball since I was about 10 years old. On the day we moved into our new home, my family saw that a basketball court had been built, so my father specially bought the first basketball for me. Although it was inconspicuous, it gave me a lot of help in basketball. When I get itMy favorite sports star
heart. I like playing basketball very much. I call my friends to play games every week. Yao Ming is my favorite basketball player. He is great. He not only plays basketball well, but also has fans all over the world. I like basketball because of Yao. Although he has retired, he is still the greatest idol in my heartMy favorite basketball star composition 100 words
My favorite basketball star my favorite basketball star - Kobe 6.3 my favorite star is Kobe Bryant, who is 32 years old and has the reputation of "flying man" in the American Professional Basketball League. Originally, I didn't pay much attention to basketball, but after watching a complete game between the LaMy favorite basketball star is Yaomingkers and the heatMy favorite star composition
Walk to win the horse ride. Little Luo modestly looked forward to his future: "I don't think I am a genius. If I don't train today, I will fall back tomorrow. My relatives will help me grasp the direction, and I won't lose myself." I love Ronaldo and wish him more glory in world football and more surprises to peopleMy favorite NBA basketball star composition
Michael Jordan, a basketball star who caused a sensation all over the world, surprised the whole basketball world. Since he joined the NBA, he has scored more than double digits in 842 consecutive games, setting the highest record in NBA history, which is enough to prove how great a basketball player he is! His achievements made me admire him all the moreMy favorite basketball star linshuhao English composition requirements: 1 Jeremy Lin, Chinese American, August 1988
he became the first Chinese American player into NBA and famous all over the world,especially in China. we all like him very much! My favorite basketball star is Jeremy Lin, who is great in my heart. 1988。Write your favorite basketball player's English composition
What are the reasons for the opposition between Italian and Korean athletes? Icexyl recommended that on November 23, 2017, Ta get more than 421 likes. I know that therMy favorite basketball star is Yaominge is little achievement. Answer volume: 174 adoption rate: 0% help people: 1.37 million. I will also answer the questionsMy favorite basketball star
However, Iverson still said: "I always think about football. At the beginning, I didn't have the idea of playing NBA. My goal is to become a professional football player."
My favorite basketball star
Playing basketball can not only strengthen your body, but also help you grow tall. It is because of playing basketball every day that a basketball star like Yao Ming can have a good figure of 225 cm. The players on the basketball courMy favorite basketball star is Yaomingt are very tall and powerful. Every time I watch a basketball game, I always envy them. At the end of class
My favorite basketball star is Yaoming

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