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Basketball star Guo the best CBA event in China

2022-06-25 15:02Star basketball
Summary: Who are the four strongest superstars of the Chinese men's basketball teamChina's basketball career is getting better and better. Although it has little influence in the world, it still has a ce
Who are the four strongest superstars of the Chinese men's basketball team
China's basketball career is getting better and better. Although it has little influence in the world, it still has a certain popularity in Asia. China's CBA events have also been actively launched in recent years, and many basketball stars have emerged in China. Do you know which are the four strongest stars of the Chinese men's basketball team? Yi JianlianHow much can Aaron Guo, the top basketball star in China, earn a year
There is no way. After all, as a player in the system, Guo's current annual salary of about 5million is the highest he can get! This summer, he became the spokesman of MichaeBasketball star Guo  the best CBA event in Chinal Jordan. The media reported that the annual sponsorship fee of Michael Jordan was as high as 3million US dollars. He would customize exclusive shoes for GuoThe top five point guards in the history of the ChinBasketball star Guo  the best CBA event in Chinaese men's basketball team: Aaron Guo is on the list. Why is there no dispute about the first place
The Chinese men's basketball team officially played with the world's top teams in the international arena, partnering with Xiao kuailing. In recent seasons, with the continuous emergence of League talents, a number of excellent local guards have emerged on the guard line of the Chinese men's basketball team, bringing new personnel to the Chinese men's basketball team. Inventory: among the five domestic active guard players in CBAIn 2017, Aaron Guo won the endorsement of Jordan. What does it represent
His uncle guoshiqiang is a former Chinese men's basketball player and the current head coach of Liaoning team. Influenced by his family, Guo played since childhood. In the fifth grade, he entered the Liaoning youth team and formally embarked on the road of professional basketball. In 2007, Guo won the championship in the national junior basketball game and won the second place in the personal skill testGuoallen's family background what is the relationship between guoallen and guoshiqiang
Guoallen, born on November 14, 1993 in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, is a Chinese professional basketball player and a professional point guard. He plays for Liaoning Hengrun Feibao basketball club. In September, 2005, guoallen joined Liaoning Panpan youth team. In 2010, guoallen was promoted to Liaoning Panpan first team to start his CBA careerAaron Guo's height, weight and other information should be detailed
It was from 2007 that gBasketball star Guo  the best CBA event in Chinauoallen really became familiar with everyone. In May, 2007, guoallen participated in the Liaoning juvenile basketball game held in Dandong,Basketball star Guo  the best CBA event in China and then in August, he participated in the national juvenile basketball game and won the second place. In addition, guoallen also participated in the Li Ning training camp held in Beijing in August of the same yearHis ruling power far exceeds that of Lin Shuhao. What is Aaron Guo's basketball strength
There is no doubt that it was Aaron Guo. After 22 days of immersion, Aaron Guo staged the return of the king. In the 38 minutes of playing time, he made 16 of 21 shots and scored 40 points, 3 rebounds and 10 assists. After this game, Aaron Guo became the first local player in CBA history to score 40 points and 10 assists in the playoffsGuoallen's interview with his teammates of Liaoning team is so funny. How strong is their cohesion
Guoallen and his teammate handejun cooperated well. Liaoning point guard guoallen is a first-class basketball star in China. His basketball skills vary from person to person. The point guard was originally responsible for wisdom, organizing and leading the attack, giving play to his style and characteristics, and helping his teammates create opportunities. In life, Guo also played the role of protagonist and organizerWhy do you call guoallen GuoShao? Check the nicknames of guoallen
In the all star game, Aaron Guo played well and scored 25 points and 9 rebounds. After the game, Guo Shao also tweeted that he had entertained everyone with his life. Don't you know everyone is happy? Nickname 3: Guo Shao is a young player with good skills. He is undoubtedly the first defender in China, just like Wei Shao, the player in charge of thunderGuoallen's personal data
In 2010, Aaron Guo made a great success in the U17 World Youth Basketball Championship, winning the scoring champion with an average of 22.4 points per game, and led the Chinese team to the seventh best score in history
Basketball star Guo the best CBA event in China

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