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Basketball star with torn Achilles tendon

2022-06-25 23:34Star basketball
Summary: Is claythompson still a warriorOn july11,2019, the warriors officially announced that they would renew claythompson with us $190million in five years. In february2020, the warriors officially announce
Is claythompson still a warrior
On july11,2019, the warriors officially announced that they would renew claythompson with us $190million in five years. In february2020, the warriors officially announced that clay Thompson would not return this season because of his left knee injury. The 2020-21 season was officially announced by the warriors on November 20, 2020Yi Jianlian injured his Achilles tendon in the competition. How brilliant is his career
In 2018, it won the MVP of CBA all star game and became the second ten thousand king in CBA history. In 2019, he won the total score king of CBA League. In 2020, it also won the 10th championship trophy for Guangdong Hongyuan team. In 2007, he participated in the NBA draft, ranking sixth in the first round. Selected by the bucksKevin Durant suffered a broken Achilles tendon. Why is he still in such good shape
Since the 1990s, more than 20 NBA players have suffered Achilles tendoBasketball star with torn Achilles tendonn tears. After coming back, most of them fell sharply and even retired directly. However, some players were still in the same state after their comeback, and they were rejuvenated in the second spring. Durant even played the best performance in his careerThe Internet revealed that claythompson had torn his Achilles tendon. How did he get hurt
He was injured in a personal training. After landing, he felt pain in his right leg and could not bear weight. Finally, he was unfortunately diagnosed with Achilles tendon tear after examination in the hospital. After hearing this news, I am also very sad, because claythompson is a player I like very much, because he looks like Buddha in our countryYi Jianlian is confirmed to have broken Achilles tendon. What is the reason
It was diagnosed as rupture of Achilles tendon after the gameWhat are the five players with broken Achilles tendon in the NBA
He has been selected into the All-Star team for 9 times in his career, selected into the NBA best team for 7 times, and won a scoring king under Jordan. In 1992, he broke his Achilles tendon in a game against the 76ers. At that time, people speculated that he might choose to retire. But he chose to return more than 280 days later. And the season of his comeback averaged 29.9 pointsHow serious is the rupture ofBasketball star with torn Achilles tendon Achilles tendon? Who are the stars with torn Achilles tendon at their peak
And the first player who counts the NBA Achilles tendon who has suffered a major injury thinks of Kobe Bryant! Kobe Bryant, 35, suffered an Achilles tendon tear in the game against the Warriors (Kobe Bryant was in a high consumption state in the first 10 gamBasketball star with torn Achilles tendones of his injury), so the spring of the Achilles tendon was injured. It is not only reminiscent that Corzine just compared with Chamberlain, but alsoYi Jianlian left the game because of a broken Achilles tendon. What award did he win
On August 16, Beijing time, Yi Jianlian was injured and left the court in the third game of the CBA finals last night. Many sources speculated that Yi Jianlian suffered a broken Achilles tendon. Yi Jianlian suddenly fell to the ground injured without confrontation, and finally left the court with the help of his teammates. Yi Jianlian did not appear in the subsequent competitionSecond in the league, Mr. 160million Durant returned to the top after tearing his Achilles tendon. Why is he called a monster_ Baidu knows
As we all know, Achilles tendon tear is a huge probleBasketball star with torn Achilles tendonm for NBA stars, which has affected their career. However, in the view of the fans, Durant is still the second in the current league even if his Achilles tendon is torn. He can be called a monster player! Durant's performance in this season is quite wonderful, and he is qualified to win
Kobe Bryant and Corzine failed to overcome the Achilles tendon tear. Why do they say Durant can return to the top
As we all know, basketball players who suffered from Achilles tendon tears are difficult to return to their peak. For example, Kobe Bryant and Corzine failed to overcome Achilles tendon tears. However, in the view of the fans, Durant, despite his injury, firmly believes that he can return to the top! The news that koshins joined the rockets at the top salary caused a huge sensation
Basketball star with torn Achilles tendon

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